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 I am bewitched, bothered and bewildered that Americans are constantly reading and on television and radio, we hear, "Why do they hate us ?" With a multitude of excuses as to what did we do to offend the Muslim world ? If only America were paying attention to the Middle East from the 1920's of the Jewish Massacres by the Arabs in Palestine. Those from the news media and the politicians would not have to ask the question but because of their lack of knowledge and their ignorance of history, simply put, Black Muslims and the Arab nations all, hate Jews and for the total destruction of Israel. The Arabs hate Christians and Americans because we are defined in their eyes by one elementary word "Infidels."

 Wake up America, the Jews have had thousands of their children, tortured and murdered and their property stolen and destroyed since the 1920's and up to the present time

 America why are we tolerating the evils of the Arab nations, when evil is a crime ? Why are we appeasing murderers, that does not and never has, bought protection, is it 1936 again ? The truth it earns disrespect and gives again. and loathing in te enemy's eyes. Apathy is the weapon by which we did in 1936 with Germany and now we are commiting suicide and led to 50 million to die in World War II. Wake up America and not allow to history to repeat itself as Europe did.

 Political correctness is the shackles around our ankles by which the Arab Islamists are leading us to our demise. Here in America in the late 1930's we had Joe Kennedy, Henry Ford, Charles Lindburgh and others in bed with the evil German Nazis as we have others now appeasing with the Arabs. The same enemy that wants to have total destruction of the Jewish homeland, Israel, and the genocide of the Jewish people as Hitler did. This time the Arabs want to kill all of the Christians here in America.

 Wake up America we are doomed to failure in this war and it is World war III unless we and the uncivilized European nations stand up and identify the real enemy. Islam. We did in the past and it was Germany and peace came only when we totally destroyed and leveled Germany. We did not talk and talk, we demanded an unconditional surrender and dictated the terms for peace.

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 The emmis(truth) that over 300,000 illegal alien Arabs have entered the United States from the Mexican border, in 2005. It is estimated that nearly a million illegal alien Arabs have entered America since 2000.These facts and information should be extremely shocking when you never read about it in the newpapers or on the major TV networks Why ? Thank God, there is the Fox TV News, which had the "Chutzpah" to inform its viewers. Yes, the Arabs are coming, Yes, the Arabs are here and coming illegally. Thank you, Sean Hannity of Fox TV News.

 I can recall and in retrospect during World War II that the Jewish community felt be quiet and silent diplomacy would save the millions of Jews in Germany and President Roosevelt was a friend of the Jews. That was being advanced by Rabbie Wise, however Peter Bergson, and those that were believing other wise, Edward G.Robinson, Peter Muni, Marlon Brando, famous movie stars and Ben Hecht famous hollywood writer said absolutely no to being silent and to quiet diplomacy. All of them were totally upset from those of the Jewish community who believed to be silent when 15,000 Jews were being murdered everyday and it only made the front pages only 11 times during 8 years of the Holocaust. WHY ?

 We are fighting wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Iran. This is truly World War III and is without any doubt taking place inside the borders of the Unite States and we are oblivious. This is all out war with all of the Arab nations directly and indirectly, when all of these Arab countries do not want to recognize Israel and want the complete destruction of this democratic capitalistic nation of Israel. I said this in 1948 and it is still true, "Compliance and Appeasement a Luxury Jews and Americans Can Not Afford"

 The enemy is clear,The Black Muslims, Islamic Arabs are plotting, executing and winning with the ultimate goal of eliminating our constitution, destruction of Israel and converting all of us as citizens of the Islamic Republic of America. General Patton, World War II heroe said, "The best attack is attack now" Israel attacked Iraq in the 80"s, knocking out their nuclear threat and again will attack Iran for its self preservation and for the those nations that are reluctant or who have a financial investments with the evil empires of the Arab world, as Russia has. Wake up America the Arabs are here and ready to attack us again. #30

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   Why President Roosevelt,and State
  Department would not
   save six million Jews to be murdered by the Germans.

   Peter Bergson,Edward G.Robinson, Paul Munl, Marlon
   Brando and Ben Hecht, Rejected by President Roosevelt
   New York Times, told to buy space to tell the truth of
   15,000 Jews being tortured and murdered every day.
   Even rejected by Rabbi Wise to save Jews.
  Both of these documentaries aired on PBS and the HISTORY CHANNEL. top