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 Harvey Sheldon,a respected Jewish American historian, musicologist, entertainer and lecturer has written a new book "SAVE MY PEOPLE" will be published and released in November, 2006. This a true and documented story that has been neglected by Hollywood, TV motion picture producers, and from the major cable TV news networks, CCN, MSNBC and very shocking that Fox has rejected telling this extremely historical story that took place here in America.

 In a recent poll,it was revealed, sadly, that only 11% of Americans have any knowledge of the Holocaust and that President Roosevelt placed thousands of Jews in concentration camps during World War II, here in America. President Roosevelt would not allow Jews into America but only knowing that they would be murdered by the Germans. It has been said that if we don"t learn from history we will be condemme to repeat it. The current events of the news we are witnessing on television nightly and reading in the newspapers every day is no differant than if we were living in 1934 through the years of the Holocaust of the German Nazi era led by Hitler. Just change the names from the Germans to the Arabs today and you have history repeating itself.

 'Save My People" about the greatest genocide in the history of the world. A story of an American President, Franklin d. Roosevelt, the State Department and the New York Times deciding as Sheldon puts it plainly, "They would decide who shall live and who shall die."

 This unbeleivable true story tells the haunting tale of Peter Bergson, a European Jew who came to America at the beginning of the Holocaust begging for America to help. His cries to FDR, the State Department, Rabbi Simon Weiss, fell on deaf ears. He claims that over four million Jews could have been saved, yet no one would listen. After World War II this documented story reveals the Jewish editors of the New York Times misread the information they were fed and have since expressed their guilt and making the Jews pay for the newspaper space just to tell the "Emmis" of the Holocaust.

 Just before in the Jewish religion when you become a man and you are having the religious ceromony of your Bar Mitzvah, at the age of 13, Harvey Sheldon would be honored by the state of Israel. He received an accomodation from Israel's first President Chaim Weitzman, it would be the first letter he would read and the first letter as president he would write and praised for Harvey's historical quote, "COMPLIANCE AND APPEASEMENT A LUXURY JEWS CAN NOT EVER AFFORD"

 2006 is no differant than 1936 as the events of history are repeating and we allowed Hitler and the German Nazi's telling the world that he would murder all the Jews. As we hear, see and read what the Arab Muslim nations are saying the same verbage as Hitler repeated at every moment to the world. Yet, in the 1930's our country and the same countries in Europe believed in compliance and appeasement dealing with the German Nazi's.

 During 1933 to 1942 The Germans were murdering,torturing Jews, stealing their homes,bombing and smashing their busineses and what ever they had saved all their lives. Forcing Jews to plea to the world for help and beleiving that America would save them. Does this sound what is happening to the Jews today. America would not come to the aid of saving millions of Jews then, will America help the Jews survive nuclear attacks or any attacks from the threatning Arab nations of Iran, Syria and others.? It is a fact, Israel is a one bomb nation and Israel can not and must not wait for this to occur and be completely destroyed.

 In Israel since its birth as a nation, it has been in a state of War, having to defend itself in multiple wars against the Arab Muslim nations, constant conflict of terrorism, nearly hundreds of thousands of innocent Jews being murdered and lives ruined from horrendous physical injuries. Their businesses destroyed by constant Arab muslims, who are dedicated to wipe Israel off the map and kill all the Jews, in Israel and in America.

 Throughout the nations of Arabs, they teach to their youth to hate and to kill all of the Jews and to totally destroy Israel. The Arab Newspapers every day they have cartoons depicting Jews as evil and or their elimination. Yes, beleive it or not it is the same play book that Hitler had and the German people followed and were educated about the Jewish people, their destruction.A historical fact that the Germans were fed the hatred of Jews since Martin Luther. Hitler kept it alive and it was easy because most Germans were Lutherans.

 Again, all we hear from our State Department, New York Times, the extremist intellectual elitists,wine snipping left wing liberals from the U.S. Senate and Congressmen and liberal media is Talk.Talk and for more Talk and take it to the United Nations. Israel talked to Arafat, he promised peace and the Arabs kept killing Jews. The U.N. is packed against Israel and is without a doubt a body of nations against the existence of Israel and want it destroyed.

 Where did all the talk get us with the Germans led by Hitler, that they elected, who promised getting elected to klll all of the Jews. Is it any different today trying to talk peace to the Arab leaders who finance money to the muslim terrorists to murder Jews as we did for almost 10 years talking to Hitler. Talk led to 6 million Jews being murdered.

 Is this what the world wants to have before it turns into another World War III...Let us not lie to ourselves, we are now in World War III against the Arab nations and all of their allies. The State Department is just as "anti semetic" now as it has been for nearly 90 years, The New York Times no differant now than it was before and during World II toward the Jews, and the policy toward Israel is not clear nor concise as what our country will do for the Jews of ISRAEL.

 We must not forget the past history of the United States that we were as guilty as Hitler and the Germans for the genocide and of the Holocaust. The guilty parties of this were our President-FDR, State Department and the Liberal news media. History must not,can not nor will not repeat it self but it is.I have the facts to this story all documented and with witnesses, recorded on DVD's.

 Harvey Sheldon said this very passionately,"I have tried all of my life to save my people but as Peter Bergson, Ben Hecht, Edward G.Robinson and others found deaf ears from the mainstream news media and even from their own Jewish newspapers or to speak at Jewish organizations of saving millions of Jews during the Holocaust, I am also finding deaf ears to save our country, Israel."

 I now know the frustrations, the disappoinments and being extremely emotionally torn that for the past 6 years sending press releases to both mainstream media and to the Jewish media and finding very little ink coverage for Saving My People. During the same six years trying to be a guest speaker at Jewish Community Centers, Jewish organizations, Jewish Federation functions and at Jewish Colleges, and being not invited and complete rejection from my people, I can only ask God, why? Are Jews in America afraid of the "Emmis" today as they were before, during and after the Holocaust. My people turned away from the truth of Peter Bergson as they are rejecting me for having the "Chutzpah" to tell the "Emmis" to preserve our heritage and culture.

 Our history is that we have fought for our land coming out of Egypt, fought with King David, King Solomon and today in Israel we have fought to keep Israel since 1948. Since 1948 we have fought wars and our history is very clear that when we stop fighting we will lose Israel as we lost it 2000 years ago. Thus the story of "SAVE MY PEOPLE" should be read when the book is published and Hollywood decide to produce it as a full length docu drama for Americans to see.