2006 Harvey Sheldon web radio mogul
creates 6 new radio stations:


  * Mary Pickford famous Hollywood movie actress and Buddy Rodgers famous big band leader discovered the acting talents of Harvey Sheldon for a movie career-1941.

  * Honored by President Chaim Weitzman of Israel for Harvey Sheldon's now famous quote in 1948,reaching the emotions of President of ISRAEL. Sheldon said, "COMPLIANCE AND APPEASEMENT A LUXURY JEWS CAN NOT EVER AFFORD"

  * George White Broadway Musical-1948

  * Co-created the"Bunny Hop" & Bandstand TV Show-1952 -WFIL TV in Philadelphia

  * Benny Goodman's "Swing Into Spring" NBC TV-1958,CBS TV - 1960 to SRO

  * Red Buttons Show,NBC TV-1954-55.

  * All Night Jazz show,WHAT,1954-55

  * The Harvey Sheldon Jazz All-Stars-1956 at the Rittenhouse in Philadelphia

  * All Night Jazz show,WHAT,1954-55

  * Producer of Eddie Newman & Lee Stewart TV Shows,Philadelphia-1956-57

  * Harvey Sheldon,18 piece Swing Big Band (critically acclaimed)-1958-1960

  * Owned & Operated two FM radio stations (first to broadcast in Stereo)& one TV station in Boston and Miami-1962

  * Pioneered sports & talk radio & TV shows in Boston,Philadelphia,Los Angeles,St.Louis,Tampa-St.Petersberg and San Diego.

  * First in the nation,disc jockey & program director to program Rock N'Roll 24/7-on FM-KLFM Los Angeles - 1963

  * Past 18 years on the lecture circuit,"Say It With Music" Video presentation of Russian Jewish immigrants co created Jazz.  They created and invented Broadway Musical Comedy, Hollywood Musicals,Pop & Rock N'Roll.

"Save My People" Video presentation of who shall live and die,a untold story of the Holocaust in the United States. A true and documented historical account, that 6 million JEWS did not have to be tortured and murdered & burned alive in the ovens.
  The guilty were,President Roosevelt, Churchill, State Department and THE NEW YORK TIMES refusing to report the"EMMIS" and just as GUILTY as HITLER and the German people.
  Not to forget that America placed and imprisoned thousands of JEWS in CONCENTRATION CAMPS here in AMERICA DURING World War II.

  * 18 years musical video TV show in syndication '"Monster Rock", the last of 3 years...Harvey Sheldon Presents.... "Bandstand 2000-Showcasing Al Jolson, Frank Sinatra,Eddie Fisher,Jo Stafford, Benny Goodman,Artie Shaw,&Glenn Miller.

  * Tampa Tribune newspaper columnist 1969-1970 Reviewing controversial/political books and of historical importance.

  * Created & donated $ 2 1/2 million establishing The Harvey Sheldon Rock N'Roll Video Research Library at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles - 1998

  * Created & donated $3 million to establish first in the nation The Harvey Sheldon Jewish American Music Video Research & Holocaust Library in his home town in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania-2000.

  * Created & donated $ 3 1/2 million to establish The Harvey Sheldon American Music History Video Research Library at the University of Pennsylvania. Showcasing the music of Gershwin,Kern, Berlin,Arlen,Rodgers &Hart,Rodgers & Hammerstein,Lerner & Lowe from Broadway to the Rock n' Roll era.

  * Harvey Sheldon Founder,President,TV Producer/Director &Music Composer of THE EMMIS FOUNDATION...For PRESERVING JEWISH AMERICAN MUSIC HISTORY & JEWISH CULTURE.

  * "The BUNNY HOP" a full feature film of the life story of Harvey Sheldon will be produced

  Contact...Harvey Sheldon
  tel. 714 281 5929

  As a young musician emerging on the"SCENE" in Philadelphia of the 50's and 60's,I remember fondly the thrilling sounds of Harvey Sheldon's Jazz Big Band. Had the forces of the changing pop music scene not been so powerfully overwhelming,then surely Harvey's big band would have come into its own as a major jazz entity." Frank Leone-Former Musical Director for Paul Anka,Engelbert Humperdinck,Red Skelton & other major Las Vegas acts. President Musicians Union-Las Vegas

  "Harvey Sheldon who has wit,style, and the gift to write lyrics and music like the big Broadway composers of yesterday,(Larry Hart, Ira Gershwin, Gus Kahn,Hammerstein, Berlin, and others, one just looks at the words he has put to my music tells you that Harvey, is a winner."

  Leroy Lovett-Composer,Arranger, & record Producer-Motown records

  "Harvey Sheldon through vaudeville,radio, ad agencies,TV and even newspaper jobs, Harvey eventually landed on the Left Coast. Along the way he got very rich. I can't vouch for every detail of Harvey's life, but if half of what he says is true, it would be a fascinating BOOK. OR MOVIE."

  Stu Bykofsky-Columnist-Phila.Daily News

  "Harvey Sheldon's gift makes the University of Pennsylvania Library the first in the nation to have such a research collection.Unlike other discrete collections of Jewish American music or film, the Sheldon collection provides a visual window into understanding how Jews helped to create Broadway musicals,Jazz and other entertainment generes from the the 1920's through the 1990's."

  Arthur Kiron-Curator of Judaica Collections-University of Pennsylvania

  "The Bunny Hop,the life story of Harvey Sheldon, has all the elements of a great movie because it is a story filled with great romantic love,scandals, Mafia, night clubs, show biz and the golden era of pop music during the 1950's....How Harvey Sheldon and Bob Horn would create Bandstand in Phladelphia, 1952 at WFIL TV."

  Marcie Alexander-Screen/Movie Agent

  "Harvey Sheldon is one of the premier sports announcers in the country today.His piercing verbosity and entertaining glibness are virtually unparalleled in his field.His interviews are tough and straight, and he never taps aroud the issues. "A cross between Dan Rather and David Letterman, Harvey Sheldon laces his facts with humorous insight. One of the best."

  J.David Miller-SPORT magazine

  "Philadelphia native Harvey Sheldon has had quite a life and he is not shy about sharing his stories. But the comedian, dancer,entertainer,newspaper columnist, lecturer and philanthropist thinks he has a more important story to tell tell: that of the United States' lack of action to intervene to save the lives of JEWS during the Holocaust." Harvey Sheldon in his video presentation-lecture series, "Using video footage and declassified documents,high lights the inaction of the American media (The New York Times) the State Department,the Roosevelt admistration to alert the U.S. public of the Nazi campaign against the Jews in Europe."

  Phaedra Trethan-Philadelphia Inquirer

  "When he wasn't creating the Bunny Hop,or advising "Bandstand" to show kids dancing, Harvey Sheldon was amassing a video trove of the century's Jewish musical history." "Harvey Sheldon can tell stories for hours about Harvey Sheldon,composer Gerge Gershwin,Lincoln High School, former Mafia boss Angelo Bruno,the Bunny Hop, and the University of Pennsylvania" "And that as a young man, he became a friend of Bruno's, and was counseld by him on topics from show biz to choosing the right wine."

  Murray Dubin - Philadelphia Inquirer

  He was the man with 2 pupils! Harvey claimed to have been from Mars, and those who knew him would hardly argue.

  Sheldon replaced Marshall Cleaver as the host of ‘Open Mic’, when Marshall went to anchor TV news at the newly opened
WLCY TV Channel 10.

  Sheldon was quite the entertainer, following Cleaver’s genre’ of bizarre topics on the first talk show in Tampa Bay radio history.

  Harvey left the station in late 1969, only to return to town in the mid 80s as the host of a Sports Talk Show at WPLP 570.

  Sheldon left town again a year later and was never heard from again. : where are they now