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 As a young Jewish kid growing up in Philadelphia in the 1930's and 40's and
 being told of the Arab Muslim massacres of innocent Jews and their children living in
 Palestine.The Jewish people in America were shocked that
 President Roosevelt did absolutely nothing to prevent and
 not use his power or influence to stop the killing of thousands of Jews in
 Palestine. WHY ?

 I would asked my rabbi why our great country and President
 Roosevelt not allowing Jews come to our country ? Why no
 other countries allowing Jews escape from Germany? Why are they are being,
 tortured, murdered, losing their jobs and
 businesses being destroyed and their homes being stolen
 from the German people ? I would ask my uncle who served
 as a major speech writer for President Roosevelt, now a
 U.S. Federal Judge and my grandfather who served with
 President Teddy Roosevelt, why our President will not help the Jews in
 Palestine and those in Germany ?

 The reply was the same from the Rabbi, my uncle and my
 grandfather, "That President Roosevelt was without a doubt
 guilty of not saving Jews from being murdered, tortured
 and their life's possesions being stolen. Roosevelt was also
 guilty of "Compliance and Appeasement with Evil" and that is a High Crime.
 President Roosevelt was equally guilty for
 the murder of 6 million Jews as Hitler.

 Alan Dershowitz, a famous Jewish lawyer, professor and author has the
 "Chutzpah" n his latest book defends FDR for Jews during the Holocaust and
 Jews and innocent children
 being murdered by the Arabs in Palestine. Alan Dershowitz,
 from an old Jewish expression, "It is from my mouth to God's ears, I am
 telling the EMMIS (Truth) ..I know you are
 wrong and you have the responsibility to tell the truth and
 not what you are telling in your new book.

 I know and it is quite obvious that you are going to have the Left Wing
 Extremist liberal newspapers and television
 give you print space and air time of which I will not get but
 as God is My Witness, You are not telling the truth, Why ?
 Shocking you will have the mainstream media and even the
 alternative media, such as Fox Network News giving you
 coverage and Fox rejecting a fair and balance presentation
 of having the truth be told.

 Alan Dershowitz how can you write such a book being Jewish
 and not know the Facts of President Roosevelt......

 1. Did Roosevelt save the 900 Jews coming over on the ship
  the St. Louis...NO- they had to return to be murdered by
  the Germans.

 2. Did Roosevelt save the Jews in Palestine and the Arab
  massacres murdering Jews... NO-WHY ?
 3. Did Roosevelt allow Jews escaping Germany into freedom
  to America to be saved...NO-WHY ?

 4. Did Roosevelt save 6 million Jews from the death
  concentration camps...NO-WHY ? When he could have
  bombed the railroad tracks or the concentration camps
  he refused the military and it has been documented that
  this was requested by the army and air force.

 5. Did Roosevelt give help to the Jews in Warsaw, when they
  fighting and holding off the powerful Germany army for
  nearly 5 months and save the thousands of Jews...NO-
  WHY ? Roosevelt would not reply to their plea's, he
  refused to save the lives of Jews fighting the Germans.

 6. Did Roosevelt give any help to Peter Bergson, Ben Hecht.
  Edward G. Robinson and to 500 Rabbi's on their march
  to see their President Roosevelt for saving Jews....
  NO-WHY ?

 Alan Dershowitz what are your answers on Roosevelt saving Jews ?

 How many Americans know or Jews know that near the end of World War II, when
 the U.S. Treasury department compelled to file a law suit against the State Department for their policy against saving Jews. Other public and political pressures were building and Roosevelt had to save Jews in Europe after nearly every day, no less than 10,000 Jews were being burned in the ovens, every day and almost 6 miilon had been tortured and murdered.

 Roosevelt allowed Jews who escaped to Italy to be come to America. Roosevelt would allow not more than 2000 Jews to enter America, only as War Criminals, be treated no differant than German Nazis. The Jewish War Criminals were placed in concentration camps for nearly three years and having to survive with their families and having to live with a criminal record. The concentration camps were in up state New York. I was there and witnessed the living conditions of a people who financed the birth of America.