Bob Horn's Bandstand Hits Of The 50's Back On Radio-Memorial-To The Creator

Harvey Sheldon, co creator of the Bunny Hop, who had the concept of putting the kids on Bandstand to dance,in 1952 in Philadelphia.
Former Philly disc jockey on WHAT,will launch a new radio/TV stations on the internet, harveysheldonbandstand2000, in March,2006.
The format will be the record hits of the 1950's from the original records that aired on Bob Horn's Bandstand on WFIL TV in Philly.
This will be a living memorial for Bob Horn and everyone will be able to listen 24 hours, 7 days a week of the great hits of the 50's.
Not to forget the Big "SWING" Bands of Benny Goodman,Woody Herman, Artie Shaw, Count Basie, Stan Kenton,Glen Miller, Tommy Dorsey and many more.

Sheldon, now touring for book signings for a new book,"The Bunny Hop-The Harvey Sheldon Story and The Bandstand Years".
Finally, The Bunny Hop will be in production for a feature film.
Truly a Philadelphia historical story when Philly was the capital of the music industry and where most of the singers came from.Harvey Sheldon promises that the movie will be shot and produced here in Philadelphia, not in any back lots of Hollywood.

The book, his new radio station and the movie will reveal the truth and document that Bob Horn, a forgotten man in creating American pop music first on television and I have pledged that he must, he has to and will be entered in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Sheldon, "Completely blames the news media, magazines, newspapers and television for the multitudes of pleas from Harvey Sheldon."Sheldon continued,"The complete ignorance of music history from those who represent the Rock N'Roll Hall of Fame", and the news media for not supporting a campaign to get Bob Horn into the Rock N'Roll of Fame.

But Harvey Sheldon launching radio and television stations will re start a new campaign on his new radio and television stations promoting the Bunny Hop book, and coming soon a feature film of the same name that will educate, inform the public and the news media why we must remember Bob Horn,because no one else but Bob Horn invented and created Bandstand and kept it in Philly and not taking it to Hollywood.

Harvey Sheldon in his book signing tour of the Bunny Hop book will commence a new crusade with book reviewers and feature writers from the newspapers and from television media to have Bob Horn be entered in the Rock N'Roll Hall of Fame.