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Harvey Sheldon's new book "The Bunny Hop" about the untold story of Bandstand TV show and the life of Harvey Sheldon, now being reviewed for an up coming movie."The Bunny Hop" book now on sale at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Tower Records and and all book stores.Truly a Philadelphia story of how Bob Horn a Philly D.J.would revolutionize the music industry with creating Bandstand TV show on WFIL TV. Harvey Sheldon had the concept of having the kids to dance on Bandstand, in 1952. Harvey and Dimples were chosen because they were the best dancers for creating "The Bunny Hop" dance, same year that Banstand began. Both were students of Lincoln high in Philly.


  Because of the daily TV exposure on Bandstand, Sheldon became Philadelphia's First TV Teenage Idol. His exceptional talents as a dancer on Bandstand would be discovered by Jimmy Komack, led to Harvey Sheldon having two seasons on Red Button's TV shows on NBC TV and Swing Into Spring with the King of Swing, Benny Goodman on NBC TV and CBS TV.

As Bob Horn creator of Bandstand revolutionized the music biz,in 1952, Harvey Sheldon would follow to change the music industry by creating and inventing the first FM STEREO, 24/7 Rock N'Roll format ,on KLFM in Los Angeles in 1963. A pioneer dj and programmer being one of the first to play a new rock sound emerging of The Doors, The Beach Boys, The Yardbirds, The Rollingstones, Janice Joplin, Led Zepplin, Cream, The Who,Jimi Hendrix, and many more giving giving birth to Hard Rock to Heavy Metal.During the era of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal had a TV syndicated nightly show titled Monster Rock with Heavy Harv and known for saying, "God gave us rock and roll - you have a right to rock"

  Harvey Sheldon a story teller, in his live performances and told in his new book "The Bunny Hop" reveals his insightful and humerous stories from powerful personaliities from the world of show biz and politics.Sheldon reminds everyone,"No, no it was not American Bandstand but it was Bob Horn's Bandstand innovated all of the music video's that we know as MTV and the kids on tv dancing.

Sheldon a former Philadelphia disc jockey on WHAT in the early 1950's, an entertainer, a music historian and lecturer rocked the philanthropic establishment by creating and donating the world's first...The Harvey Sheldon Rock N'Roll Music Video History Research library in his home town of Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania.In preserving the history of the birth and of the founding fathers of American music he created and donated and was named,The Harvey Sheldon Jewish American Music Video History Research Library at the University of Pennsylvania, it was the first in the nation.

Harvey Sheldon next month will launch a new TV and Radio station on the internet..tune in for Bandstand memories of the pop hits of the 1950's on format is programming the hits of Bandstand and will be a Juke Box and Soundies concept. Viewers that tune in will select what they want to hear or see the performances of those singers whose hit records. Not to forget you will even see Harvey and Dimples doing the Bunny Hop and it's Free tuning into a musical format that radio and TV never show.

  How many of you remember asked Harvey Sheldon, "The Soundies and the film clips that would give birth of what we call Rock N"Roll today, the artist, the Godfather of was Louis Jordan, the song was Caldonia, and the Soundies was a (video juke box) only with film clips because video tape did not exist yet." " Soundies were placed in Philly at diners and the famous chain of lunchenettes of Barson's. This hit of CALDONIA by Louis Jordan a clip of only 3 minutes would play before the feature film would go on had such an passionate and emotional impact from the kids in the audience, dancing in the aisles and yelling, play it again and again,the feature film would not be shown. This was the first time and never ever happened again in the music biz. I was there and witnessd, this historical moment of a new form of music being created at the Earle theater in Philly."in 1945.

Harvey Sheldon passionately and filled with emotion expressed himself by saying,"I want harveysheldon bandstand2000,com my new radio and TV station to be a living memorial to the most forgotten television pioneer in the broadcasting industry." Sheldon continues saying, "I was the first and led the way of the multitude of community awards that Bob Horn would receive and more than any disc jockey in Philly ever to be honored with that recognition. I was president and regional public relations director of A.Z.A. of the Bnai Brith, a world famous Jewish organization."

In 1952 and the fifties Philly was no differant than southern cities, the musicians union was segregated, we had white radio stations and 2 black radio stations, and the white stations could not play the new R & B groups or singers but only the covers of those hits by white singers.Such as Pat Boone covering Little Richard hits and the Crew Cuts from Canada covering the Chords hits.

Bob Horn broke the racial barriers in Philly by playing black artists on Bandstand and having them perform live on TV. This was just unheard of and Bob Horn allowed me to dance with a black girl and another black girl, a polio victim. Bob Horn's Bandstand needs never to be forgotten and not in the city of brotherly we love.

Sheldon stated,"My ultimate goal is to meet with the mayor of my hometown, Philadelphia and get a firm commitment that we have a day to honor and remember Bob Horn." "When the movie "The Bunny Hop" is produced and released for a world premier that all major movie theater complexes show on the day that is dedicated in memory of Bob Horn." In this very special day of honoring a pioneer of TV that Philly shared, all proceeds of tickets sold be donated to establish a scholarship fund at the University of Pennsylvania for the kids of Philadelphia, let the fund be called Bandstand.

Finally Sheldon said, Let this event of all the movie houses on Bob Horn day show "The Bunny Hop" movie and raise money for the kids of Philly to further their education, as an annual event. This event would remind Philly we have Bandstand and this is where it all started as far back as 1835.

Harvey Sheldon will never stop his campaining for Bob Horn to be admitted to the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame. Sheldon added,"How can the music industry forget Bob Hor? I personally blame the ingnorance of the entertainment news media for not joining my crusade, such as Billboard, Variety,Radio and Records and other music and TV writers."

Maybe it shouldn't be a total loss, that the music and TV reporters along with the book reviewers should my new book..."The Bunny Hop - The Harvey Sheldon Story - and the BANDSTAND YEARS. All I am asking is to read the book and convey the truth about the actual and documented history of when Pjhiladelphia was the capital of the music industry and where the record revolution ws changed when Bob Horn invented and created Bandstand with a little help from a teenage kid named Harvey Sheldon. # 30

Any and all ink coverage or TV exposure will not just be appreciated but remembered.